The GPS Malta International Soccer Academy will deliver the best possible coaching program and create the competitive environment and opportunities for the young skilled players to explore their full potential and get recognized by scouts of European clubs to get a chance for a trial or continue their studies at a high level U.S University.

The GPS Malta International Soccer Academy is unique in the access players are provided to top-flight European football.  Attendees of the academy will have the opportunity to play for St. Andrews Luxol FC who compete in the Maltese Premier League.

The Academic component is provided via our partnership with USPA one of the highest rated continued education providers in North America.

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Why choose the gps Malta academy?


A Success Story

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Jacob Rybicki

Goalkeeper from Arizona, USA
Club Hibernian FC

"A once in a lifetime opportunity to live a professional footballer lifestyle while learning and being mentored by a fantastic coach. The living situation helps bond you and your teammates together making the group stronger as one which helps you find friends for life. The food is amazing and the area is beautiful once you get settled in. Truly one of the best decisions I've made that changed my life."



GPS are delighted to announce the introduction of the GPS International Soccer Academy, Malta in September 2019.

This Garden View Complex will host the players in the quiet area of Swieqi which is close to amenities and local transport.  This accommodation contains up to 400 students from all over the globe because of its 5* facilities in a leading international English language speaking school.

Situated within 15 minutes’ walk of the enviable downtown locations of Paceville and St Julians, the complex boasts a a wonderful swimming pool to relax and use for cool downs , a modern gym for our S&C program and a large restaurant area , beach volleyball area , and an activities area including pool tables and free wi-fi.

The GPS International Soccer Academy, Malta gives talented students opportunities to play in matches, tournaments and the potential to participate in trials at professional clubs. GPS chose to locate at Swieqi as they offer the highest quality facilities and allow them and us to replicate the environment that students would have at professional football clubs as well as giving our students the best possible start in their sporting life.

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