GPS SEE / Valencia CF completed successfully the 2nd stage of the Elite Program for the football season 2019-2020, by hosting the 3rdDevelopment Camp of the year in Athens, from 3 to 6 of January.

This particular camp was the most important step of the year so far since the performance of the athletes from all Southeast European countries will be the main criterion for the Elite Program’s coaching team in selecting those who will represent the GPS SEE – Valencia C.F in the next stage of the program.

The training sessions took place at the refurbished facilities of Pallini Arena and Fous de Foot and the camp was under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Guillermo Martinez, coach of the Academy of Valencia C.F., for the players, and Mr. Aitor Bas, who is responsible for the Goalkeeper’s Coaching Methodology in the Valencia C.F. Academy, for the goalkeepers, in collaboration with GPS SEE/ Valencia CF coaches.

120 young players from all over South East Europe born between 2003 and 2009 and goalkeepers in the respective ages were trained and evaluated under the guidance of the Valencia CF Academy coaches with the support of certified GPS Southeast Europe Valencia CF coaches.

At the same time, a Goalkeeper Coaching Seminar was held under the supervision of Mr. Aitor Bas, to further train the coaches of the GPS SEE / Valencia CF soccer school network since the coaching team of each soccer school is the pillar for the proper training and development of the young players.

The GPS Southeast Europe Valencia C.F. Soccer Program aims to spread the Valencia C.F. image and philosophy all around the world and to bring the renowned methodology of Valencia C.F. in every part of the planet. GPS Southeast Europe Valencia CF Soccer Program aims to identify, train and develop the most talented young footballers in the region of Greece and South East Europe acting as an extensive scouting network for Valencia CF. To achieve this, the most talented kids will have the opportunity to enter the Elite Program and train on dedicated camps in their under the guidance of highly qualified GPS Southeast Europe / Valencia C.F.

The Elite Program aims to best prepare and develop skilled young footballers from South East Europe so they can have the chance, if selected, to compete for a position at the Valencia C.F. Academy or other Academies of Professional European Clubs once they turn 16 years old. The program is divided in four stages. Every stage is designed to meet the needs of the players for each different age group.

Next Stages of Elite Program 2019-20
After the successful completion of the two first stages, the Elite program will continue according to the annual schedule of 2019-2020 with the following events:

3rd Stage: Selected players from Southeast Europe – NATIONAL SELECTIONS

Those who will be deemed ready for the next step will be called (selected) to form the National Team of their Country. That team will train and face in friendly games the selected players from all the other countries in Southeast Europe in specially designed camps and international tournaments.
Duration: 4 days


1 Selected Team per age group: 18 players per team
Trip to Spain or to another country abroad depending on the age group: Friendly games with the Valencia C.F. Academy and GPS – Spain. Alternatively, participation on an official GPS Spain / Valencia C.F. tournament.
Duration: 5 to 7 days

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