Global Premier Soccer South East Europe (GPS SEE) officially opened in Spring 2017 as the third GPS International location outside of North America.  However, they have been organizing Scouting, Development, Evaluation programs end events (tournaments and camps) for youth football players since 1998 with then partners with Arsenal FC.

GPS SEE operate a network of 14 GPS/Valencia CF Soccer schools in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria with over 3,000 players aged from 5 to 17 involved in this program. The aim is to provide the best possible preparation and development of talented young players to claim a position in a professional Club’s academy in South East Europe or abroad by their 16th birthday.

The annual program includes Elite Camps in Athens, Thessalonica, Nicosia and Sofia (including an Advanced Goalkeeper Camp);  an Elite Tournament in Nafplion, Greece featuring leading European football academies; GPS South East Europe National Team Tours to Valencia (GPS International Technical Partner Club) and other major European football  locations and trials and training experiences for players at professional clubs in Europe.

The program is under the supervision of George Tolias, MBA, who has a lifetime of experience in coaching, scouting and player development in South East Europe as well as Antonis Vlachos, Director of International Projects in South East Europe.

The program has seen over 30 players go on to achieve professional and/or academy contracts at many top level European clubs and at many US-based colleges.  This is testament to the work being done by the coaches at GPS SEE. 

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GPS SEE Success Stories

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